Welcome to Dragons & Jetpacks!

Dragons & Jetpacks

Welcome to the brand new blog for Dragons & Jetpacks! A book group for science fiction and fantasy based on Goodreads, the moderators of the group thought it would be fun to make it even more accessible to all. So, here we are…

If you’re wondering what we’re planning on sharing on the blog, here’s what we’re thinking:

  • Book Reviews: an opportunity for members to share their book reviews of our Books of the Month on the blog
  • Books of the Month: we’ll share the ‘Books of the Month’, as voted by the group on Goodreads, at the beginning of each month
  • Yearly Reviews: what has the group been up to over the past year? Which books proved most popular?
  • Challenges: one of the best features of D&J is the regular challenges, particularly those organised by MPauli – now we can share and discuss them on this blog
  • Sir Lancer Recommends: by popular demand (and a petition!), one of our members, the wonderful Sir Lancer, will be sharing his SFF recommendations – and you better listen 😉
  • Discussions about D&J: how did you find the group? What is your favourite thing about it?
  • Other Discussions: if any members have top ten lists, themes they want to discuss etc, this is the place!

Hopefully this will be a great addition to our already thriving Goodreads group – and if you’re not a member, go and join now!


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