Sir Lancer Recommends – Music Edition

Hello Again Everyone!

Welcome to Sir Lancer Recommends Special Music Episode! In the last year or two I have become acquainted with chiptune music. It basically mixes sounds that could be found during the era of 8 and 16 bit gaming. So for all of you that grew up playing NES and SNES like me this will be right in your wheel house. Like old video games? Like old JRPG’s? Well then be prepared to have nostalgiagasms beamed directly into your brain! 

So with that being said I recommend to you the album Endless Fantasy by Anamanaguchi!

I have decided that the song Echobo would be Sir Lancer’s official final boss theme song!

Bonus Track! – Anamanaguchi – Jet Pack Blues, Sunset Hues (Jet pack I know!)

So there you have it folks. Now I know this may not jive with everyone’s tastes like it does for me, but the way that it is put together and the way it sounds and what that means for me takes me back to the best times of my life. And when your all grown up and have discovered that life isn’t always what you expected it to be maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

This concludes Sir Lancer Recommends Special Music Episode!

postcript. listen to this loud, preferably with headphones, adds immersion




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