Book of the Month Review Fantasy May -Uprooted by Naomi Novik

Review by our Member Kimberley de Jong

For our first review of last month we have a very positive look at what proved to be a popular choice. Other reviews will follow –


Uprooted carried great promises with it, and to me, those promises were met. Inspired by folklore, this fantasy fairy tale did well to grasp me in its roots (badumtsjj) and carried me through the pages in a breeze. The descriptions of environment, characters and storytelling left a deep impression on me.

Naomi Novik knows what to write and what to leave to your imagination. Magic, for example, didn’t need a scientific explanation. Its mystery was enough to inspire images in my mind, and rather than understand it, I felt it, and saw it. Not to mention the Wood, the enemy, in its beautiful creepiness. It gives the whimsical tale a dark twist that did nothing else but impress me and leave me with an eerie feeling I strangely enjoy.

So, the world-building is great. The storytelling is great. But fret not, the characters are too. The contrast between our lovers in this tale was so enjoyable to read, and though romance is only a sub theme, it was enough to make my heart warm. (Oh and, Noami Novik is gladly not afraid of a little steam). There’s only one character I felt disconnected to; Kasia. I could simply not really care about her and her relationship with our main protagonist. Luckily, it wasn’t boring either, and so it never really got in the way of what I viewed as the main story.

I definitely recommend Uprooted if you’re in for fairy tale with a dark edge, that will make you giggle and squirm.




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