Book of the Month Review Sci-Fi May – Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein

350Definitely an interesting choice for BOTM. To say it was a mixed response would be an understatement but it definitely generated discussion.

Not one I really enjoyed and my review was as follows –

An extremely rare 1 star read for me (my first rating this low in several years.


Lifes too short for this book. It was a highly rated classic once but…..

Logstash grok expressions
Maybe some books just age terribly and time hasn’t been kind to this. I liked the concept but just found it a terrible pain to read, and it was just annoying in large parts.
The political satire the author tries to make are just a bit too ham fisted and the story just doesn’t seem important at all. The whole grok word thing just felt cheap randomly substituting one word for for other random words doesnt hint an Alien language just a lazy author and it just got really old really quick.
None of the characters even the Martian lead Smith were worthy of giving a crap about and just plod along with nothing interesting to do but occasionally philosophize in an overblown way.
It may have had impact at the time of its release but the quality of scifi has increased infinitely since this was seen as top drawer and it pales in comparison to what has followed .
This book reminded me of those times you are stuck talking to a drunk who thinks he is vastly superior to you and is imparting untold wisdom of the ages but is really just talking crap.
Basically you can grok this book up your grok and grok it.



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