Author Spotlight – Robert Jordan

Dapper chap. Nice hat. Good beard.

Author Name:
Robert Jordan

Who is he:
Born 17 October 1948 in Charleston, South Carolina, US. Husband to Harriet McDougal who works with Tor Books now, and was his editor. Robert Jordan Died on 16 September 2007 at the age of 58.

Wheel of Time series (14 books + 1 prequel book)
Conan the Barbarian series (7 books – he didn’t create Conan, just wrote stories about him)
Fallon trilogy (written under pseudonym Regan O’Neal)
Cheyenne Raiders (American Indian Series #6) (Written under pseudonym Jackson O’Reilly)

How did you come across them?
The Wheel of Time Series was recommended by a close friend

What is your favourite work by them and why?

My Favourite Bookcase

I have to say the whole Wheel of Time series (11,619 paperback pages, 4,410,036 words, 19 days 5 hrs 25min audio), although I’ve not read any of Jordan’s other works. I love it because of the depth and scale of the series. It’s a world I get totally immersed in and am thoroughly invested in the characters. I know there are some complaints that the series loses its way half way through, but I don’t feel that way, I just think that it adds to the overall expansion of the world, character development, story and general immersion. I also thank the fantasy gods every day for Brandon Sanderson who finished the last 3 books in the series after Jordan’s death in 2007.

Favourite Character

I’ll cheat by giving 3 –  Aviendha, Egwene and Min (there are  A LOT of characters).

Close behind, Mat and Moiraine. Oh and Suian. Did I mention there are a lot of characters?

Something else…
Jordan served two tours in Vietnam and also worked as a Nuclear Engineer for the United States Navy


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