Little Shop of…Cakes!

Dragons and Jetpacks member Audrey is a baking wizard, and has been showing us some of her pretty amazing science-fiction and fantasy themed cakes over on the Geeky Bakery thread.

She has kindly sent in some pictures of her creations to share with you here:

For the Whovians – cakes in 2D and 3D (though sadly not 4D). I am not sure whether these are happy darleks, but who doesn’t like cake? Most impressive construction skills in the standing TARDIS too!

Some rather yummy, if alarming faerie cakes, and a Bride of Frankenstein (definitely a good use of a Barbie if ever I saw one!). I’d be quite tempted to make some Hallowe’en themed faerie cakes myself this autumn if I didn’t have plans afoot already.

May the piping bag be with you – I feel we must just stop and admire the BEAUTIFUL piping Audrey has done with Vader and R2D2; though half my mind is convinced that R2 is knitted in fluffy wool.

Surely this cake is a lie… I mean, shouldn’t this be on a pie? More fantastic icing, this time with Pikachu and a Minion (I wonder if the cake was banana flavour?).

Finally we have a pretty splendid dragon guarding its hoard, Hogwarts school, and Green Lantern. I love the dragon’s flames and how he looks a little surprised at them.

These lovely cakes have clearly had a lot of time and effort put into them and cover so many themes; I am tempted to have a go at piping icing myself at some point in the future.

Thank you for showing us your cakes Audrey! Now where did I put that spatula..?


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