Author Profile – Hugh Howey (Moderator choice BOTM Wool for Septemeber)

Wool Omnibus (Silo, #1) by Hugh HoweyHugh Howey

Author Name-Hugh Howey


Who is he – Hugh C. Howey (born 1975) is an American writer, known best for the science fiction series Silo. Howey was raised in Monroe, North Carolina and before publishing his books, he worked as a yacht captain, roofer, and audio technician.Generally seen as the poster boy for self publishing and sometimes controversial promoter of Amazon.

Bibliography –


Standalone Novels

Anthology Series



How did you come across them – A friend and blogger told me to check out this self published guy who was starting to make waves with a series of post apocalypse short stories. I picked up a couple of the Wool sections and was immediately hooked. Wool 1 , while short drew me in and I went on to buy he entire series in self published form before they were picked up by mainstream publishing.

What is your favorite work by them and why –

It has to be Wool. Its where I strated and the book, even in its episodic form reads so well and I just loved the various characters in it. I really enjoyed the Sand series as well, it has an interesting Mad Max vibe to it that works very well.

What is your favorite character – It has to be Juliette. Just ahead of Solo, who is a wonderous ball of innocence  a child in a mans body but Juliette carries the bookseries so well . She is a well written strong female lead and shes is a character that you find yourself rooting for in Wool and Dust

Something else interesting about the author –

Hugh was in a boat at ground zero for 9/11 , something he avoided talking or writing about  until he published a short story for a Kurt Vonnegut fan fic .

He has also self published pretty much all his work , even those that have been main steam published have come out in self published form first. Dust , the last of the Silo books was out for a matter of weeks in self published form, making it a rare (and exceptionally ugly covered affectionately known as the Ugly edition) collectors item.

Howey covers original style

Wool trilogy Random House covers


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