Dragons & Jetpacks was founded on Goodreads in June 2013, with the aim of starting some fun discussions between sci-fi and fantasy fans. It was originally founded by Rinn, Freya and Kirsty, who know each other from university, but soon we were joined by several other moderators – Nic, Michael, Roger, Paul, Lancer and Wayland. We all love SFF and between us we covered all sub-genres (and plenty of other genres besides!)

We decided to start a group blog to bring discussions to a wider audience and provide even more interaction. This is the result!

You can find the Goodreads group here.

Our Book of the Month selection has two stages:

  • suggestions thread opens around 1st of the month, and lasts for one week.
  • voting begins once the random books have been chosen, and polls are open for one week

There are eight nomination spots per genre (sixteen in total), and each member may nominate one book per month. Everyone can make ONE nomination for either Sci-Fi or Fantasy. A random generator is then used to choose 8 books per genre. The group chooses both a sci-fi book and a fantasy book, but it is up to each member whether they read one or both (or neither!). Members choose a book by poll vote.

For more information on the blog, please visit here, or perhaps you want to see the books we have read as a group.