Happy Hallowe’en

On this dark night, with my illuminated pumpkin grinning out at the night and a witch’s hat perched on my head, I thought I would write a little post combining a few of my favourite things: food & drink, books and Hallowe’en.

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Here be dragons…

Over on Dragons & Jetpacks we have a thread (Geeky Bakery) devoted to all things geeky to come out of the kitchen.

It is a place to share (read ‘politely brag’) about the awesome things we have created that have been inspired by the books we have read, games we have played and films and TV we have watched…

…and we have some super talented people! Book-shaped cakes, Haunted House cakes, biscuits and faerie cakes… I must stop or I will start to drool – go check it out and show us  your bakes!

I love food and books so what better than food inspired by the books we love. I often find that food and feasts are so well described in science-fiction and fantasy, it really immerses you in the cultures and situations of the story and you can almost taste the food as you read.
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