Author Spotlight – Iain M. Banks

Welcome back to the Dragons&Jetpacks blog! And sorry for the quietness as of late. You may notice we have had a facelift, and you’ll probably notice some more changes over the next few months. Any problems please let us know. Lets get 2017 kicked off with this Author Spotlight on Iain M. Banks, brought to you by moderator Nic, who has written this in conjunction with Jan/Feb’s Mod Pick – Consider Phlebas.

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Author Spotlight – Patricia Briggs

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Author Name – Patricia Briggs
Who Are They – She was born in 1965 in Butte, Montana. She writes fantasy and urban fantasy. She published her first book in 1993.
Bibliography –
Sianim Series
Masques (1993)
Steal the Dragon (1995)
When Demons Walk (1998)
Wolfsbane (2010)
Shifter’s Wolf (Aralorn Novels) (2012) (Compilation of Masques and Wolfsbane)
Hurog Duology
Dragon Bones (2002)
Dragon Blood (2003)
Raven Duology
Raven’s Shadow (2004)
Raven’s Strike (2005)
Mercy Thompson Series
Moon Called (2006)
Blood Bound (2007)
Iron Kissed (2008)
Bone Crossed (2009)
Silver Borne (2010)
River Marked (2011).
Frost Burned (2013)
Night Broken (March 11, 2014)
Fire Touched (March 8, 2016)
Silence Fallen (March 2017)
Alpha& Omega Series
Cry Wolf (2008)
Hunting Ground (2009)
Fair Game (March 2012)
Dead Heat (March 3, 2015)
Stand Alone Novels
Hob’s Bargain (2001)
How I came across her –
I found her via a Goodreads top urban fantasy series list. The first book I tried was Moon Called.
What is your favorite work by her and why –
The Mercy Thompson series is definitely my favorite, even though I’ve liked everything else that I’ve read by her as well. Mercy Thompson is just such a great heroine. She’s tough as nails but not some pumped up, ultimate kick ass goddess like a lot of UF series portray their heroines. She’s more down to earth and real despite being able to shape shift into a coyote. The world building and werewolf pack interactions and laws all blend nicely together. Mercy breaking all those rules and laws is even better. I like rebellion.
Mixing fairy lore and mythology in a beautiful blend.
What is your favorite character –
I’ve already gushed about Mercy but the cast of characters surrounding her are all interesting and entertaining in their own ways. From vampires to werewolves to fae to mythological gods. The characters are never boring.
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Something else interesting about the author –
Some people are like Slinkies. They aren’t really good for anything, but they still bring a smile to my face when I push them down a flight of stairs.” – Iron Kissed
I think that says it all.

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