Ask The Author -Interview with Michael J Sullivan

Michael J. Sullivan

Michael J Sullivan has been kind enough to give us even more of his time and has answered a few interesting questions below. We have avoided the usual questions on his work and delved into his interests in scifi and fantasy .



1.For many readers of fantasy and science fiction, video games, tabletop games and card games are a big part of their lives or have had a large influence on their reading. One of the most well known for many is Dungeons and Dragons. So, if you were a D and D character, what would you be and why?


Okay, so you have to go right for the throat and expose the nerd, huh? Yes, I played D&D, mostly as a dungeon master. My first and main character was an elven fighter/magic-user/thief named Warwick. My second was a paladin so lawful good that it constantly landed him in trouble. Of course, this question is trying to determine how I see my real self through a fantasy game. So I will go with the obvious: Half-elf, fighter/thief.


Bonus answer: I played a wizard in Everquest. Continue reading “Ask The Author -Interview with Michael J Sullivan”


Michael J Sullivan – Book of the Month Theft of Swords- Ask the Author Review

Michael J. SullivanMichael writes classical fantasy and science fiction with unlikely heroes and epic adventures. His books have sold more than three quarters of a million English language copies, been translated into 12 foreign languages, and appeared on more than 150 best-of or most-anticipated lists.

Last year we chose Theft of Swords, part one of the Riyria Revelations as our Fantasy Book of the Month for October and Michael J Sullivan was kind enough to do an ask the author thread for us.

Here I will show some of the questions and answers from the thread including a really interesting comparison of his upcoming series Age of Myths to his other work.

Also keep an eye out for an upcoming interview by our own Sir Lancer with the author, where Sir Lancer asks a more interesting variety of Questions. Continue reading “Michael J Sullivan – Book of the Month Theft of Swords- Ask the Author Review”